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Blogs, tweets, and webpages just can’t inspire as well as a strong voice and physical presence can.  If your people need improved  morale and communication, renewed vision, or better rapport – I can help you create the CULTURE you desire!

1) Interactive Talks and Keynotes

I deliver fun and highly interactive 20 to 60 minute motivational messages on a team leadership and related topics. My expertise is inspiring leadership initiative, improving team productivity, and communication.

I am passionate about influencing people with the same inspiring ideas and activities that helped guide my athletes from under-achievers to consistent winners – both on and off the court.

The stories and interactive lessons I will share as your teamwork speaker can help ignite your team’s morale and inspire individual leadership in a fun and unforgettable program that will influence your group to work together more productively.  They will be encouraged to recognize and develop the skills and passion required to “lead from where they are!”

2) Morale-Boosting Team-building Events

The mistakes and insights I experienced while coaching my athletes into more cohesive teams have helped me to identify the specific traits and tools necessary to turn struggling groups into more focused and successful teams.

If you are looking for someone to help improve trust, morale and teamwork with fun atlanta teambuilding activities, or if you are looking for someone to provide effective and entertaining training to help your people work together more effectively…

3) Powerful Personality Profile Workshops

Each member of your organization perceives and communicates information in a different way according to their preferred style of influence.

To improve your group communication and make better decisions about which roles are a great fit for the team personality types that influence your organization, we can put together a workshop that will not only identify your individual strengths, but also apply that information to your situation.

Contact me to discuss your situation!

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