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About Sean


Welcome to Lead Your Team!

Sean Glaze is not your ordinary speaker.  If you are looking for a traditional lecture that will be quickly forgotten, or want a “rah-rah” bag of clichés, you are in the wrong place…

But if you want to have your people engaged and laughing while they learn to lead from where they are, then Sean is your guy!  He has enjoyed motivating athletes and inspiring teams for over 20 years, and has consistently turned under-achievers into winners – both on and off the court – with his practical tools and focus on great relationships and teambuilding.

It is those many valuable learning experiences he draws from to help others successfully navigate their own journey in leading teams.  Every person in your organization is capable of leadership, and throughout Sean’s  athletic teambuilding events and interactive presentations they will each be encouraged to recognize those opportunities and offer their perspectives as part of their role in contributing to the team’s success.

Sean has identified the traits that all great teams share, and uses that distilled knowledge from his background as a successful teacher and coach to help school faculties, corporate groups, and university athletic programs improve their team performance with fun and impactful team-building events and style of influence training workshops.

Sean earned his Specialist Degree from Jacksonville State University, and is the author of dozens of articles on the topic of team performance and leadership.  He has been married now for 16 years to his beautiful wife Amy, and they have four remarkable children that keep them smiling and busy in their home just outside Atlanta, Georgia.

As an experienced author, speaker, and team-building coach, Sean entertains and influences audiences with a unique blend of dynamic content, interactive activities, and practical action steps.  You can visit his website for more information on the team motivation, interactive events, speaking engagements, and training workshops he offers.

If you are part of a business, school, or athletic team that needs to improve communication, inspire accountability, energize morale, and transform your group into a more productive team, contact him and get started improving your organization by hiring him as a teambuilding facilitator or teamwork speaker today!

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