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July 25, 2013

How do you best lead your team?


It is a word you would hear in the Philippines.

It is not a duty, nor is it an obligation.  It is a word that describes the thoughtful trait of many Filipinos, who act with an open, caring, loving heart.

 It describes the act of giving your time or resources and doing a service for someone else.

Pakikisama is not done with a quid pro quo expectation, or as a gesture that requires reciprocity.

It is something done or given with the sole purpose of helping or supporting another person, or making someone else happy… and the rewards are almost wholly internal and psychological.

The surest way to become happy yourself is to do something nice for someone else.

Bayanihan is a Filipino term referring to an entire nation, country, town or community. The word describes a spirit of group unity or an effort to achieve a particular shared objective.

If you or your teammates need to improve relationships and build a culture that encourages more Pakikisama, contact me…

I provide fun conference ideas for businesses and teacher team building events that engage your people and get them to connect – using laughter as a tool that delivers lasting lessons!

As a team building speaker, Sean offers three entertaining keynote topics.

One topic focuses on his first parable, The Unexpected Leader, which shares 5 lessons to lead from wherever you are…

Another of his topics is based on his second leadership parable, Rapid Teamwork, which shares the 5 steps to build a GREAT team

His most recent is The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates book, which is a compelling story about how to be a better boss, coworker, and family member!

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